Puppy Kindergarten

Thoughtfully designed for all puppies 8 to 12 weeks of age. The four class program consists one hour lessons in Lower Sackville.

Class activities include:

• Puppy agility equipment to promote coordination and confidence.
• Group play sessions with other puppies to acquire social skills.
• Learning how to gently establish your leadership role and how to prevent shyness and aggression.
• Discussions concerning toys, games, grooming, nutrition and various behavior issues.



Everyone from the household, especially children, are encouraged to attend the classes.


The Puppy Kindergarten Program is regularly held in Lower Sackville at Hiltz Tae Kwon Do (View Map).

The fee for the four class program is $100.00 which includes the tax.  

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Agility and Obedience classes are RUNNING as indicated in the "CLASS SCHEDULE" on Saturday February 22nd at The Lietash dog Sports Facility and Grounds in South Rawdon.