Rally (Competitive Obedience)

If you are interested in competition obedience to earn titles on your dog or just want to enhance your relationship with your dog then Rally is the perfect starting point.  During the program you will learn to follow a course of signs and perform the obedience exercise shown on each sign.  Rally is the perfect program for those who enjoy training with their dog and want to have fun.

The prerequisite for the Rally Class is completion of the Lifeskills program or an equivalent program.

The classes are held in three different locations.

  • On Saturday afternoons in South Rawdon at the Lietash Dog Sport Facility and Grounds (View Map)
  • On Sunday afternoons in Lower Sackville at Hiltz Tae Kwon Do (View Map)
  • On Tuesday evenings in Dartmouth at Cole Harbour Place (View Map)

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Water Dog classes are running as indicated in the "class schedule" at The Lietash Dog Sport Facility and Grounds on Saturday June 23rd.