Private Lessons

We offer both private Behavior Consultations and private Obedience Lessons

  • Private Behavior Consultations are perfect for the dogs with special behavior issues that are unable to be addressed in a group class.   Consultations are held in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  Each session is one and a half hours in duration.
  • Private Obedience Lessons are done in the comfort of your home.   We will work together to tailor your dog’s training to suit your personal needs.  Private instruction is also a great solution for the busy individual who cannot fit a group class into their schedule.  Each session is one and a half hours in duration.

If you are interested in private Behavior Consultations or private Obedience lessons please call us at 
(902) 866-2273 [866-CARE] or (902) 757-0929 or use our Contact page to send us an Email.


Agility and Obedience classes are RUNNING as indicated in the "CLASS SCHEDULE" on Saturday February 22nd at The Lietash dog Sports Facility and Grounds in South Rawdon.