About Us

Lietash (pronounced lee-tash) Canine Academy offers training, dog sports, and boarding.   It is our goal to enable you to have fun with your dogs on our 435 acre farm in South Rawdon. The owner, Bob Ottenbrite, has over 45 years of experience in dog training. Bob keeps up to date with modern, innovative training techniques.  He has developed a style that is uniquely “LIETASH”.

Bob offers a number of Dog Sports and group Obedience programs. He also offers very effective and personalized, live, interactive on-line private obedience lessons, behaviour consultations, and group classes.

In 1986 he established the Lietash Canine Vacation Resort. Located on his 435 acre, relaxing, free-range farm in South Rawdon.  It is a short 25 minute drive from Lower Sackville and only 20 minutes from Windsor.  Your dog will be able to enjoy watching a donkey, sheep, llamas, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys during their vacation with us.


LIVE ZOOM OBEDIENCE CLASSES and BEHAVIOUR CONSULTATIONS are excellent options during the shutdown. It is ESSENTIAL for dogs to obtain an education for proper mental and behaviour development. ALL GROUP OBEDIENCE CLASSES are CANCELLED during the NOVA SCOTIA LOCKDOWN.