Thanks again for the classes, they were really great! I’m really impressed with how Luna is coming along, I wouldn’t have gotten to where we are without your help.
I was unsure how the classes via Zoom were going to go in the beginning. I’m happy to say that I’ve been blown away with the experience, it has been excellent. The classes are very interactive and I even feel like I got even more feedback than when we were doing the in-person classes. I certainly got to spend more uninterrupted time working with my dog. Given the choice between in-person and online, I would have no hesitation to do an online class again.


LIVE ZOOM OBEDIENCE CLASSES and BEHAVIOUR CONSULTATIONS are excellent options during the shutdown. It is ESSENTIAL for dogs to obtain an education for proper mental and behaviour development. ALL GROUP OBEDIENCE CLASSES are CANCELLED during the NOVA SCOTIA LOCKDOWN.