Our Team

Bob Ottenbrite

Melissa George

Melissa is a new trainer who will be working under the mentorship of Bob here at Lietash Canine Academy. Her love of dogs all started when she got her very first dog, a Labrador Retriever, at the age of 8. When Melissa moved to Halifax for school, she would visit the SPCA to walk dogs who were awaiting adoption. In 2018, Melissa and her fiancé got their first dog together, a German Shepherd puppy named Blitz, and enrolled in obedience and agility classes at Lietash Canine Academy. 

Melissa’s dream job has always been to work with dogs and strives to help you create that special bond with and your dog. 

Sabrina Cooke

Sabrina is a new trainer, currently completing a certificate through the Animal Behaviour College and is pet first aid certified.  She is very excited to be gaining experience working with Bob at Lietash Canine Academy. She is passionate about helping dogs seek their full potential and sending them off on a successful and happy life. 

Her favourite past times are lounging and going on adventures with her two pugs (Lucille and Rick) and meeting new dogs along the way.  She enjoys seeing each dog’s unique personality and is thrilled to have the opportunity to do so in professional setting such as Lietash Canine Academy, where she can help dogs let their full personality shine.


LIVE ZOOM OBEDIENCE CLASSES and BEHAVIOUR CONSULTATIONS are excellent options during the shutdown. It is ESSENTIAL for dogs to obtain an education for proper mental and behaviour development. ALL GROUP OBEDIENCE CLASSES are CANCELLED during the NOVA SCOTIA LOCKDOWN.