Primitive Play Agility

Agility is a dog sport where you direct your dog through a course of obstacles that includes, tunnels, an A-frame, a dog walk,  a cross over, a teeter totter, weave poles and a variety of challenging jumps.  Your dog will learn to focus on you and the obstacles while learning off leash skills in an exciting atmosphere.


If you have a dog with high drive and energy, or just want to build confidence in your dog, then agility is for you. 

Classes are divided into Introductory and Recreational.

Introductory Primitive Play Agility teaches dogs and handlers how to focus on each other while gaining familiarity with the agility equipment.  It is a fantastic way to gain off leash control of your dog in a distracting and action packed environment.

Recreational Primitive Play Agility is open to all dogs who have completed an Introductory Level of Agility.  The class involves agility games and courses.  The program teaches you and your dog to work together as a team and develops handling skills.  



The prerequisite for the Introductory Primitive Play Agility Program is the Family Companion program or and equivalent program.

The classes are held on Saturdays in South Rawdon at the Lietash Dog Sport Facility and Grounds (View Map)

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LIVE ZOOM OBEDIENCE CLASSES and BEHAVIOUR CONSULTATIONS are excellent options during the shutdown. It is ESSENTIAL for dogs to obtain an education for proper mental and behaviour development. ALL GROUP OBEDIENCE CLASSES are CANCELLED during the NOVA SCOTIA LOCKDOWN.