Water Dog

 We plan to start the 2020 Water Dog season on Saturday, June 13th.  The classes are held at our lake in South Rawdon at the Lietash Dog Sports Facility and Grounds.  The season will run until September 26th.  Please come out and join us to have a fun time with your dog.   This program is open for enrollment every week throughout the season.  Water Dog is run on a pay as you attend basis.  You can sign up for a class each week by visiting the “Class Schedule” and booking under the “Water Dog” programs.

 If your dog does not know how to swim then we will teach them to swim and to enjoy the water.  The dogs have a fantastic time racing out to the end of the dock and jumping out above the water to catch a toy in mid-air before splashing down.  There is no better way to enjoy a beautiful day with your dog.  The classes are a fun and social time for both dogs and people.

Please wear something suitable to wade waist deep into the water and perhaps a pair of watershoes.  Bring a retrieve toy for your dog that floats high in the water and is easy for your dog to catch and carry.

Only dogs that are sociable with people and other dogs may participate in the classes. We want to keep a fun and relaxed atmosphere in the classes.



The classes are held on Saturdays in South Rawdon at the Lietash Dog Sport Facility and Grounds (View Map)

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LIVE ZOOM OBEDIENCE CLASSES and BEHAVIOUR CONSULTATIONS are excellent options during the shutdown. It is ESSENTIAL for dogs to obtain an education for proper mental and behaviour development. ALL GROUP OBEDIENCE CLASSES are CANCELLED during the NOVA SCOTIA LOCKDOWN.